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June 23, 2009

      – “NYTimes: Can the Wonks Beat the Trolls on Government Sites?”

Mar 18, 2009

      – “BusinessWeek: Peer-to-Patent: A System for Increasing Transparency”

Feb 6, 2009

      – “Minyanvile: Shiny, Shiny Patents”



    • Jun 18, 2007 – “United States Patent & Trademark Office Begins Pilot Program to Open Patent Examination Process for Online Public Participation”






    • Oct 24, 2006 – “The Community Patent Review pilot is a project of the New York Law School Institute for Information Law & Policy in collaboration with the USPTO that aims to improve the quality of issued patents by giving the patent examiner access to better information by means of an open network for community peer review of patent applications.”




    • Aug 29, 2006 – “USPTO to Implement Patent Reform Project Developed by New York Law School’s Institute for Information Law & Policy: Community Patent Review Project Will Open Patent Examination Process to Online Peer Review, Using Web-Based Technologies to Connect Scientific Experts and the Patent Office.”







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