During its development and first two pilots Peer To Patent received all of its funding from foundations and corporate gifts. Both Omidyar Network and MacArthur Foundation provided substantial funds for the development of the Peer To Patent platform and for its operations. In addition to most of the companies listed below, CA and Intellectual Ventures both contributed to the operation of Peer To Patent during the first two pilots. For the third pilot the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is providing a substantial portion of the funding, and IP.com - a global leader in intellectual property management - is offering free access to its subscription-based Prior Art Database of carefully selected non-patent literature, in addition to its free online Library that includes a collection of international patent databases and exclusive access to patent data from the People’s Republic of China. Moreover, each of the sponsors listed below continue to provide meaningful financial support to our efforts. On behalf of New York Law School and the Center for Patent Innovations, we express our sincere appreciation for this support.

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