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CLAIM 00001

<claim-text> A computer-implemented method for optimizing migration of a database from a source system to a target system, comprising: <claim-text>collecting source parameters related to performance characteristics for the database on the source system; </claim-text><claim-text>generating database configuration information on the basis of the collected source parameters and target parameters of the target system, wherein the target parameters will affect the operation of the database on the target system as compared to the operation of the database on the source system; and wherein the database configuration information is applicable to tune the database to operate on the target system; and </claim-text><claim-text>configuring the database to run on the target system according to the database configuration information. </claim-text></claim-text>

G. R. Konrad Roeder (about 1 year ago)
Regarding Claim 00001, there is nothing here that is not state of the art. This claim lacks a method of optimization or something else to set it apart from what is already been done throughout the industry. Even 20 years ago, people had software that converted from flat databases to relational databases doing this exact thing. more...