Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070150488
Filing Date: December 22, 2020
Inventors: Eric Barsness, John Santosuosso
Current U.S. Classification: 707, 707/100000
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A data processing system, comprising:
a source system having a database;
a target system; and
a detection/restoration component for optimizing migration of the database from the source system to the target system, the detection/restoration component being configured to:
collect source parameters related to performance characteristics for the database on the source system;
generate database configuration information on the basis of the collected source parameters and target parameters of the target system, wherein the target parameters will affect the operation of the database on the target system as compared to the operation of the database on the source system; and wherein the database configuration information is applicable to tune the database to operate on the target system; and
configure the database to run on the target system according to the database configuration information.
Submitted by: G. R. Konrad RoederLast updated: about 1 year ago
Title Best Practices for Data Warehouse Database Developers
Best practices say to store performance related data about your database. It's a measure of the process. After a migration, it's one of the critical measures of the process to determine if it was improved.
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Submitted by: G. R. Konrad RoederLast updated: about 1 year ago
Title SETI@Home Technical news reports - 2002
The 2002 blog of news items released to participants of the SETI@Home project shows benchmarking activity to measure performance and a related database migration with subsequent benchmarking to check improvements of the system
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