Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070150488
Filing Date: December 22, 2020
Inventors: Eric Barsness, John Santosuosso
Current U.S. Classification: 707, 707/100000
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A computer-implemented method for optimizing migration of a database from a source system to a target system, comprising:
collecting source parameters related to performance characteristics for the database on the source system; and
restoring the database on the target system according at least to the source parameters; wherein the restoring accounts for a difference in operating characteristics between the source system and the target system.
Submitted by: G. R. Konrad RoederLast updated: 9 days ago
Title Best Practices for Data Warehouse Database Developers
Best practices say to store performance related data about your database. It's a measure of the process. After a migration, it's one of the critical measures of the process to determine if it was improved.
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Submitted by: G. R. Konrad RoederLast updated: 7 days ago
Title SETI@Home Technical news reports - 2002
The 2002 blog of news items released to participants of the SETI@Home project shows benchmarking activity to measure performance and a related database migration with subsequent benchmarking to check improvements of the system
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