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The dispatch manager may also operate to determine which BIOS modules are required for operation of the computer and determine if a required BIOS module is stored in the system memory. If the required BIOS module is stored in memory, then the dispatch manager executes the stored BIOS module. However, if the required BIOS module is not in memory, then the dispatch manager copies the required BIOS module from the secondary nonvolatile storage device to the system memory and then executes the copied BIOS module. The dispatch manager repeats this procedure until all required BIOS modules are copied and executed. Once all of the required BIOS modules are copied into the system memory and executed, the operating system of the computer is launched and normal computer operation ensues.


Eduard de Jong (about 1 year ago)
Regarding Claim 00002 it lacks inventivenss as applying cryptography to an electronic sales protocol to enhance its security has been decribed in tha past 20+ year in many places, Prior Art Reference 1 specifies a standard for one such protocol.
As decribed in Prior Art Reference 1 teh protocol can be used to purchase anything, including digital content, so applying it as claimed here is foreseen in this European standard.