Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070136608
Filing Date: December 06, 2020
Inventors: Darko Kirovski, Kamal Jain
Assignee(s): Microsoft Corporation
Current U.S. Classification: 713, 713/193000
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The method as recited in Claim 1, wherein providing the first and second percentages of the price to the owner of the copyright and to the first user, respectively, includes sending a notification of the off-line transaction to a service provider, wherein the service provider debits an amount of the price from an account of the second user, provides the first percentage of the amount to the copyright owner, and provides the second percentage of the amount to the first user.
Submitted by: Fabian FagerholmLast updated: over 3 years ago
Patent/Application # 6594692
This patent describes a method for electronic commerce, similar in many respects to the application under consideration. In particular it includes an Internet charging mechanism. It is more specific in description in many aspects, than the application under consideration.
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Patent/Application # 6282653
This prior art covers most or all the aspects of the application that concern royalty payment. Also, the methods described are immediately and obviously applicable to "offline" transactions in the definition of the application. (The first and second devices in fact form a network between each other for the duration of each communication transfer, so "offline" is with respect to the parts of the described method that are not the two devices, making the distinction irrelevant in this comparison.)
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