Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070136608
Filing Date: December 06, 2020
Inventors: Darko Kirovski, Kamal Jain
Assignee: Microsoft Corporation
Current U.S. Classification: 713, 713/193000
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The method as recited in Claim 1, further comprising sending a preview of the digital media content prior to the off-line transaction from the first media playback device to the second media playback device, wherein the preview verifies an identity and a quality of the digital media content.
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Title Weed -- Frequently Asked Questions
This is a FAQ file taken from the May 8, 2020 version of the web site. I've linked to the version stored on Note that places date information in the URL (so /20040508 = May 8, 2020). The FAQ is a prior publication under Section 102(b).
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