Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070135944
Filing Date: December 12, 2020
Inventors: James Schmid, Patrick Pfrehm, Brad Kelly, Chad Knodle, Danni David
Current U.S. Classification: 700, 700/083000
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A method for providing a summary for at least one process of a system, the method comprising:
selecting a block comprising at least one variable descriptive of the process with at least one attribute for the variable;
using a display client, reading the block to produce output; and,
displaying the output as the summary for the at least one process.
#3US Patent No. 5,801,958
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Submitted by: Steven WeinerCreated: over 2 years ago
Patent/Application # US Patent No. 5,801,958
An example of prior art GUI-driven CAD system for IC logic design
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Submitted by: George BradfordLast updated: over 2 years ago
Name/Title Nagios
System Type Application Program
Nagios is an Open Source host, service and network monitoring program. Where can you get it? Right here. Can you get support for it? Yes! Get more answers to some of your basic questions about Nagios here
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#12Temperture logging system
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Submitted by: robin szemetiCreated: over 2 years ago
Title Temperature and other data logging system usign MRTG/Nagios etc
logs temperture (or other data), store the value and timestamp (block of data) displays it using various means (graph, indicated value, bar chart etc) PDF of review attached
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Submitted by: Mark NowotarskiCreated: over 2 years ago
Patent/Application # 6,823,363
A method and apparatus for initiating and controlling an electronic conversation
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#23DDD--Data Display Debugger
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Submitted by: Lou SchefferCreated: over 2 years ago
Title DDD--Data Display Debugger
Describes a long-existing UNIX tool for debugging processes - a display client that allows the user to select what to watch, displays them in boxes, allows the user to arrange as they wish, shows relationships
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Submitted by: Bob TurnerLast updated: over 2 years ago
Title HP OpenView Asset Centre Software Module datasheet
A software application , programmed with a GUI, It displays network assets (processes?) in a tree structure , and can display user configurable summary and detail data for each item or group
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