Pre-Grant Publication Number: 20070130448
Filing Date: December 01, 2020
Inventors: Stephan Jourdan, Mark Davis, Sebastien Hily
Assignee: Intel Corporation
Current U.S. Classification: 712, 712/218000
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A method comprising:
monitoring an access to a stack pointer to update a stack tracker structure;
using information stored in the stack tracker structure to generate a distance value corresponding to a relative distance between a load instruction and a previous store instruction within a store buffer; and
using the distance value to provide source data for the load instruction.
#31Peephole optimization
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Submitted by: Marc MengelCreated: about 1 year ago
Title Communications of the ACM volume 8 , Issue 7
Redundant instructions may be discarded during the final stage of compilation by using a simple optimizing technique called peephole optimization. The method is described and examples are given.
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Patent/Application # Patent number: 7017026
Apparatus and methods to track a register address values with a stack pointer tracker.
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