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#18OpenLDAP Proxy Cache Extension
Applies to Claims 1
Submitted by: Tim BolshawCreated: about 1 year ago
Title Proxy Cache Contribution
Caching of queries from multiple data stores (in this case directories) that may be from similar or different types of backend databases.
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Submitted by: Elizabeth HaringCreated: about 1 year ago
Patent/Application # 5781911
Patent by D2K Inc. regarding a method for immediate delivery of data warehouse and/or data mart information for optimum decision support.
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#22SAP BW Architecture
Applies to Claims 4
Submitted by: Elizabeth HaringLast updated: about 1 year ago
Title SAP® BW: A Step-by-Step Guide
ISBN ISBN-10: 0-201-70366-1; I
Description of SAP Business Warehouse architecture
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Submitted by: Elizabeth HaringCreated: about 1 year ago
Patent/Application # 5701466
A query facility that generates derived semantics to help the user scout for desired information
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